Circle Track • XTM & XFM Series
Heavy Duty / Street & Strip
Full Race • 10' - 12" Hybrid
With this win, Shannon becomes the first ever three time
KOH winner! Shannon’s son Wayland finished 2nd in the race,
and finished the last leg of the race ahead of his Dad
but Shannon was declared the winner based on run time.
Campbell Racing relies on HUGHES PERFORMANCE for their
TH400 transmission & Pro Series torque converter needs.
We build our products to handle the whatever abuse
the Campbell’s and the KOH can deliver!

Shannon Campbell


The Hughes Performance team continually gives
us invaluable information for the research and
development of new products that are unparalleled
by other manufacturers. Product quality, latest
innovations, and already tested applications
give you the advantage to win more races.





Top Sportsman Jerry Bickel Camaro



Hughes Performance winner #4
at the NHRA
Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas
Motor Speedway was no stranger
to the winners circle...
the one, the only, Tommy Phillips!

Welcome to Hughes Performance

Welcome to Hughes Performance
Welcome to Hughes Performance 2018-07-13T22:04:14+00:00

At Hughes Performance we rebuild and repair transmissions and torque converters. Please call us today for details and pricing.

Performamance Parts & Tech Talk

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  • Hughes Performance® HP2211EBRX Valve Body

    Hughes Performance® HP2211EBRX valve body TH400 billet aluminum valve body reverse shift pattern (P-R-N-1-2-3) with engine braking

  • NEW HP5283 Aluminum Oil Pans

      Tapered bottom so that the pan is level with the ground in certain vehicles Internal baffle tray to keep filter submerged during hard acceleration Thick pan rail to add [...]

  • Locking Dipstick

    Hughes Performance is excited to announce the addition of two new locking dipstick and filler tube assemblies to our product line!

  • Shallow Cast Pan

    We are excited to announce the release of our new shallow cast aluminum pan for 4L80E transmissions! This pan is available under part number HP2582. The kit includes the oil pan, drain plug, bolts, washers, [...]

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Hughes Performance is the “go to” transmission company!  I was looking for a street/strip TH350 for my 1970 Chevy C-10, (slightly modified), pickup.  I sent a tech card to them from the tab on their website and received a response just days later.  (I had also sent a “tech card” to two of their competitors, with no response what so ever!)  Pete Nichols responded with his recommendations for my application.  I e-mailed Pete with a number of questions I had and his responses were almost immediate and very friendly.

Anyone in the market for a new transmission should definitely contact Hughes Performance.  Be sure to use their tech card because, as I have learned and experienced, it is the only way to buy a transmission to match the specs and enhance the performance of your ride and the satisfaction it brings you.

Tom Kelley, Auto Hobbyist and Enthusiast