New TH400 with Engine Breaking


New TH400 reverse pattern manual valve body with engine braking now available! Hughes Performance is now offering a full manual valve body with reverse shift pattern and full engine braking in all forward gears under part number HP2211EBR for the TH400 transmission. The reverse shift pattern in this valve body is P-R-N-1-2-3. This valve body is an excellent choice for off-road applications that can benefit from being able to rapidly cycle from low gear to reverse and back with the reverse shift pattern all while still retaining engine braking in all forward ranges for maximum braking ability while decelerating downhill or on an off-road race course. (more…)

Steinger & Eshenbaugh Double World Record Holders


The crew of the Steinegger and Eshenbaugh double World Record holding blown fuel roadster knows what it takes to run the number and set records out on the salt flats.  Their supercharged nitromethane injected Hemi engine can quickly rearrange the internals of a more garden-variety racing transmission.

That’s why they rely on a Hughes Performance XP4 Powerglide transmission and custom direct drive to get the power to the rear tires and get down the salt reliably and consistently on their way to setting records.  The Steinegger and Eshenbaugh blown fuel roadster has made every attempt to tax the strength of our huge custom alloy billet steel 1.25″ diameter input shaft and custom Pro Mod internal components, and has yet to find the limitations of our XP4 program.  Hughes Performance would like to thank the Steinegger and Eshenbaugh team for their support of our products, and look forward to more records falling as this roadster flies down the salt flats!

Congratulations to Mike Wood, Driver Emily Herod and the Nitrous Express Team


Hughes Performance congratulates Mike Wood, driver Emily Herod, and the whole team at Nitrous Express on their 2011 NHRDA Top Diesel World Championship!  The team experienced a challenging season but powered through it to come out on top.  The Hughes Performance XP5 Pro Mod lock-up Powerglide transmission and GM107L torque converter went the whole season without issue providing the NX Top Diesel dragster with flawless and consistent performance.   Mike and the team plan on attending the remaining NADM events in Columbus (Ohio), Denton (Texas), and Orlando (Florida).  In addition to finishing off the NADM season team NX also has high hopes of setting a new land speed record in the standing mile in October at The Texas Mile racing event in Beeville, Texas.  With the 100% efficient lock-up Hughes Performance XP5 transmission and converter, a custom Gear Vendors overdrive unit, and carefully calculated rear axle ratio this phenomenal dragster will have 275+ MPH capability!  Best of luck to Mike, Emily, and the whole crew.  Hughes Performance is proud to be a part of the Nitrous Express diesel racing program, and looks forward to an even more exciting 2012!

Donny Toia Jr. Debutes New Don’s Hot Rod Shop Dragster


Donny Toia Jr. recently debuted his new Don’s Hot Rod Shop dragster at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson, Arizona.  Donny will be campaigning this beautiful new dragster in Super Comp.  Donny’s new ride is equipped with a Hughes Performance Pro Series torque converter and Pro-Glide shorty transmission.  Don’s Hot Rod Shop is one of the nation’s leading vendors for Hughes Performance products, and has a knowledgeable, friendly staff ready to help with any of your high performance parts needs.  We’re looking forward to seeing some stellar performance from Donny’s dragster in Super Comp.

Hauser Race Cars Debut New Dragster


Geof Hauser, proprietor of Hauser Race Cars, recently debuted his new dragster that he will be campaigning in Super Pro.  Hauser Race Cars is located in Finedon, England, and is responsible for crafting some of the finest drag racing and street/strip vehicles in the UK.

Hauser Race Cars is a premier vendor for Hughes Performance products in the UK.  Geof relies on a Hughes shorty Pro-Glide part number 28-4-80B2D and a Hughes Pro-IV series GM84 8″ torque converter to power his dragster down track.  We’re looking forward to seeing some outstanding performance results from this beautiful dragster, and would like to congratulate Geof and the crew at Hauser Race Cars on a job well done!

Team Monster Energy Dominates the ARSC


campbell03_mTeam Monster Energy dominates the Ultra4 American Rock Sports Challenge round 4 with 3 cars in contention for the win @ Miller Motorsports Park.  With Shannon Campbell and Nick Campbell winning all 3 of their heats and advancing to the main. Wayland Campbell driving the #3 KOH/Rock racer competing in his first ever Ultra4 race making it to the podium twice out of three heats in 2nd and 3rd place but suffered a DNF in his 1st heat due to a broken steering arm.  Wayland showed that his rockcrawling skills paid off by making two awesome passes in the rocks. He missed getting into the main event by mere seconds but proved he will be a force to reckon with “in time”.

The Campbell brothers, starting the main event side by side in dominating fashion lead the pack on the first two laps then into the rocks.  Driving a little over the edge Nick ended up on his side.  Shannon still in the lead following the pace car patiently for more laps than the actual race was and waiting for the recovery of the two upside down cars.  The #8 car was recovered and reentered the course.  Finally getting the green and leading the pack back into and out of the rocks Shannon discovered he was having fuel delivery issues. Making it back onto the short course with 2 laps to go the car died allowing Sacalas and Haines to get by.  Switching pumps he got the car fired up and quickly caught back up passing Haines.  Catching Sacalas 2 turns from the finish poking it on the inside for what would be the pass of the day the car died.  Barely making it to the finish line in 2nd position.  Nick Campbell driving the #8 car finished in 8th position qualifying him for a spot in the 2011 King of the Hammers.  Even having the best equipment and the fastest car, Shannon has once again learned a valuable lesson-“you can’t win if you don’t put gas in the car”.  (Sorry guys!

High Flyin’ Sacalas Wins Latest Ultra4 Race


sacalas-winningIn what can only be described as the biggest upset of the 2011 Ultra4 Season, Team GenRight’s Kevin Sacalas overtook this year’s King of The Hammers winner and current Ultra4 Series leader, Shannon Campbell to claim the win at the American Rocksports Challenge held at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT. Saturday’s race started off with more than 40 Ultra4 drivers competing in a new style of race that combined a rock-crawling obstacle course with a short course track. Throughout the day 44 drivers competed against each other in a series of 12 races until the top drivers remained.

Sacalas started off strong with a 2nd place finish coming in one second behind Shannon Campbell’s brother, Nick Campbell in the first heat of the day. Unfortunately for Sacalas, in his 2nd heat he blew a tire early in the race as he and the 2010 King, Loren Healy battled for position in the rocks. Sacalas was forced to complete the remaining 4 laps and one additional trip through the rocks on a flat tire. The BFGoodrich short course tire held up and Sacalas was able to cross the finish line, albeit in 2nd to last place. His combined time wasn’t enough to advance to the semi-finals and Sacalas found himself competing for a spot via the Last Chance Qualifier heat. Sacalas would have to finish in the top 2 of 12 to earn a spot at the back of the pack for the semi-finals.

As Sacalas and his Big Ugly Racing pit crew prepped the car for the LCQ they noticed the engine was misfiring. With little time between heats, they were unable to determine the cause and Sacalas was forced to race on 7 cylinders. With the reduced horsepower and the need to finish in the top 2, his chances of advancing didn’t look good. However, as the green flag dropped, Sacalas continued to amaze the crowd with jumps that had him passing 2 to 3 cars at a time and clearing table tops with ease. His jumps were so high they earned him the nick name “high flyin’ Sacalas” from the announcers and even on 7 cylinders, Sacalas ultimately took 1st place in his heat and advanced to the semi-finals.


Again, with little time to prep between the qualifier and the semi-final, Sacalas and his crew scrambled to find the source of the misfire which was finally attributed to a bad spark plug wire. With all 8 cylinders intact and his STS Turbo ready to go, Sacalas started the semi-finals in the last row and fought his way into a 5th place finish in what would be the closest race of the day with 4 cars crossing the finish line in a span of 1.5 seconds.

As luck would have it, Sacalas’ orange Big Ugly was matched against Shannon Campbell’s Monster green machine for the first time in the final race of the day. Campbell had won all of his heats allowing him to start the final race in the pole position. By the end of the 2nd lap; Brad Lovell, Nick Campbell and Levi Shirley had all rolled their cars and the race quickly came down to Campbell vs. Sacalas. For several laps Sacalas nipped at Campbell’s heels with Campbell overtaking in the corners and Sacalas gaining in the straight aways. Campbell looked to have the advantage until Campbell’s car stopped completely and Sacalas sailed into the lead. In the last lap, the tables had turned and it was Campbell chasing down Sacalas as the two attacked the last few turns of the race. It appeared Campbell was on the verge of overtaking Sacalas when Campbell’s car again stumbled and Sacalas secured the lead and flew across the finish line 3 seconds ahead of Shannon Campbell.

“What a fun day of racing!” exclaimed Sacalas when asked about his win. “I wasn’t so sure we were going to make the finals with the misfire before the LCQ and to come from the back and take the win is just awesome. My Bilstein shocks were set up perfectly to handle the jumps, the STS turbo gave me the boost I needed and my BF Goodrich short course tires worked great, even in the rocks! I couldn’t be happier with how the car performed. I’m also proud to say I was able to continue the Team GenRight tradition of a podium finish in every Ultra4 race a GenRight car has competed in this season.”

Kevin Sacalas will next be racing Big Ugly in the Lucas Oil regional short course race at Glen Helen on August 20th where he is currently the series leader for the Ultra4 class. His next Ultra4 race will be the Ultra4 Stampede at the Exit 28 Motorsports Park in Reno, NV on September 10th.

Kevin Sacalas relies on Hughes Performance’s Extreme Duty TH350 transmission and XTM torque converter in his Ultra 4 race vehicle.

Sponsors–GenRight OffRoad, The Orleans Casino, BFGoodrich Tires, Raceline Wheels, Hughes Performance, Novak Conversions, RCV Performance, Spidertrax and Viking OffRoad

About Kevin Sacalas– He is a 27 year old native Californian, based out of Riverside, CA who has been off roading at the Hammers for the past 6 years in his highly modified ’01 TJ. Big Ugly was his first attempt at building a vehicle from scratch. In two years of racing, Sacalas has raced 9 races and had 5 podium finishes. For more information on Kevin Sacalas and Big Ugly Racing, please visit: or become a fan on Facebook: Big Ugly Racing

NX DuraMax Diesel Makes Great Debut


duramax-dieselLast weekend the NX DuraMax powered diesel dragster made its debut at the NHRDA FASS Nationals at the fabled home of the US Nationals in Indianapolis Indiana. With seventeen year old NHRA World Junior Dragster Champion Emily Herod at the wheel, the NX car rolled out of the trailer and set low ET of the meet on its first pass down the quarter mile racing surface!  The NHRDA World Record for the Top Diesel class is 7.67 seconds, the NX dragster ran a 7.82@172 MPH.  However a cracked exhaust header prevented us from trying to reset the existing record with a more aggressive tune-up, so we settled in satisfied to be the quickest and fastest car at the track.  As the day of racing wore on the final round pitted Emily against a Cummins powered Altered who had already eliminated John Robinson’s mighty Cummins powered Funny car.  Knowing the NX car was steadily losing performance from the damaged header Emily calmly did her burnout, staged the car and proceeded to put an excellent light on the Altered and she never looked back, taking the win with a decisive 7.96@170 MPH

The weekend was an unqualified success, low qualifier, top speed, and event winner, how much better could it get?  The NX team is already hard at work repairing the car and getting ready to attend the NADM event in Numidia, Pennsylvania.  We intend to be the quickest, fastest, most feared car on the diesel racing circuit.

Hughes Performance would like to congratulate Mike Wood, Emily Herod, and the entire Nitrous Express crew for their outstanding performance at the NHRDA FASS Nationals.  Hughes Performance is proud to be a part of this elite racing operation, as the NX dragster relies on the all new and unbeatable Hughes Performance XP5 Powerglide transmission and custom XP5 10.5″ billet lock-up torque converter to get this dragster down track quickly and more efficiently than any of their competitors.  This custom package provides all the torque-multiplying benefits and improved staging characteristics offered by a torque converter along with the advantages of 100% efficiency and drive ratio down track that was previously only achievable with a clutch and manual transmission.  Hughes Performance has the revolutionary technology, high quality products, and customer service necessary to put your racing operation in the winner’s circle!

Sacalas Claims Fastest Lap Time at Lucas Oil Short Course


bu-jumping2-smAfter winning the 1st round of the Lucas Oil Regional Series at Glen Helen in April, all eyes were on Kevin Sacalas as the man to beat last weekend.  Only 1.7 seconds separated Sacalas and Gary Ferravanti Sr. across the line after 12 laps of intense racing. Ultimately, Ferravanti took the win, while Sacalas claimed the fastest lap time and 2nd place on the podium and secured his spot as the leader in the Lucas Oil Regional Series for the Ultra4 class.

Twice as many Ultra4 cars came out to compete in the 2nd race in the series, including three top 10 finishers from this year’s King of The Hammers. The additional cars made for a faster race and fierce competition.  The times were so much faster in this 2nd round of racing, that Sacalas improved his overall time by almost a minute and his fastest lap time was 2.5 seconds and 2.5 MPH faster than his original victory at Glen Helen just 6 weeks earlier.

Sacalas had this to say about the race, “Glen Helen is a fun, challenging course. I was happy to see some of the top Ultra4 cars out here this weekend, and I can’t wait until the 3rd round.  I’ve got some ideas on how to improve my times and I’m looking for another win back here in August.”

sacalas-podium-smFor those unfamiliar with Glen Helen’s short course, it was designed specifically to challenge the top cars and drivers in short course racing. The course features huge tabletop jumps, tight banked corners and the type of uneven whoops that will shake your fillings loose.  The course is so challenging that two Ultra4 cars experienced rollovers during the practice rounds.  While Sacalas did not suffer the same fate he did find himself on 2 wheels coming out of a few corners but managed to keep the rubber side down throughout the race.

Kevin Sacalas is racing this season as part of Team GenRight. Between he and his teammate, Tony Pellegrino, the team is proving a formidable force in Ultra4 this season. Pellegrino is one of the leaders in the Ultra4 Series while Sacalas is currently dominating the Lucas Oil Regional Series for the Ultra4 class. Team GenRight will next race together at Miller Motorsports in Tooele, UT on July 16th.

Sponsors –GenRight OffRoad, The Orleans Casino, BFGoodrich Tires, Raceline Wheels, Hughes Performance, Novak Conversions, RCV Performance, Spidertrax and Viking OffRoad

About Kevin Sacalas – He is a 27 year old native Californian, based out of Riverside, CA who has been off roading at the Hammers for the past 6 years in his highly modified ’01 TJ. Big Ugly was his first attempt at building a vehicle from scratch. In two years of racing, Sacalas has raced 9 races and had 5 podium finishes. For more information on Kevin Sacalas and Big Ugly Racing, please visit: or become a fan on Facebook: Big Ugly Racing
If you would like more information about Kevin Sacalas, Big Ugly Racing, wish to schedule an interview, or want to inquire about sponsoring Kevin Sacalas, please visit the Big Ugly Racing web site at, or call Big Ugly Racing Team Manager Shannon Welch at 949-295-2676 or email Shannon@Welch.Name You can also follow us on our facebook fan page: Big Ugly Racing.

Rahaim Race Team Sets New Record


bob-rahaimAfter nearly forty runs in the 4.0’s, and becoming the first nitrous powerglide in the 3.90’s, the transmission has still not been out to be serviced. This is absolutely incredible and the service from Hughes Performance has been Second to None!

-Bob Rahaim-owner
-John Kyle,
Advanced Product Design