Team GenRight’s Sacalas Wins the 2011 American Rocksports Challenge – Big Ugly Racing


Team Genright’s “high flyin'” Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing takes on Shannon Campbell in in the final race of the American Rocksports Challenge. Team GenRight’s Kevin Sacalas and Shannon Campbell are in a head to head battle for several laps, with Kevin ultimately taking the checkered flag. You will see Brad Lovell get rolled at speed on the track. Also, a roll by Levi Shirley in the rocks is on this video.

KPE / Hughes XP5 Lock Up PowerGlide


This is a 6.25 @ 225 mph. Listen for that Lock-up, thanks to the Hughes XP5!

Lee Lightfoot’s KPE built dragster

582 ci BBC Built by KPE
260′ M&M Chassis
BDS Kryptonite 14-71 High Helix Blower
Brodix PB2005 14.5* Heads
2300 lbs
Est HP 2500+
Fastest ET 6.17@227 MPH